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#studis: Summer School on Social Banking & Sustainable Finance

30 Juni 5 Juli

The ‘International Summer School on Social Banking & Sustainable Finance’ is the annual conference that brings together the world of social banking, sustainable finance, and alternative finance. Each year, around 80 participants from diverse backgrounds, including social and sustainable banks, conventional financial institutions, and enthusiastic students and academics, journey into the heart of this rapidly evolving field. The conference offers a comprehensive exploration of the opportunities, challenges, origins, and distinctive features of banking for a sustainable society with human dignity at its core.

About 20 speakers and workshop leaders with a good mixture of academics and experts from the field, provide updated concepts and knowledge, fostering forward thinking with the aim of promoting innovative and impactful actions.

The conference offers a global perspective on the practices and developments in sustainable banking and finance, allowing participants to engage with leading experts who share their best practices and insights. Moreover, it serves as a platform for forging valuable connections within the industry and building a strong network of like-minded individuals and institutions committed to driving positive change.

Institute for Social Banking

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