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#studis: International Summer University 2024 – Darmstatt

27 Juni 20 Juli

Two courses will be offered:

  1. Sustainable and Climate-Friendly Societies: Energy Policy – Management – Engineering
  2. Sustainable Supply Chains

The program takes place from 27 June (arrival day) until 20 July (departure day),with a virtual component taking place in May/June. It consists of an academic course (9 ECTS), a German language course (3 ECTS) and several cultural activities (day trips to Heidelberg and the Rhine River Valley, riding a solar draisine, hiking, trivia night, intercultural training, and many more). As an ISU 2024 highlight, a 4-day academic excursion to Berlin will be offered, including discussions with a member of parliament and several other academic site visits.
The program fee for students from partner universities is 1200 Euro. That includes accommodation (in Darmstadt & Berlin), all scheduled cultural activities, a 9-ECTS academic seminar, a 3-ECTS German course, company visits, a public transportation ticket for Darmstadt & Berlin, health-, accident and liability insurance and seminar materials.
Info sessions to talk about the program are offered on the following date: